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Here are some logo designs that make a “mark” in what I do. It is as important as a brand’s name. What defines my logos? dynamic, scalable, strong colored, and always concept-driven.


Alyssa Maac


Logo Design
Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator

When I design logos, most of the time are always spent on research and conceptualizing. My design process consists of knowing the goal of the brand first. I try to understand what message is trying to be communicated and to what kind of people. Next, I map out concepts and relevant keywords. Then, I explore some inspirations from the surroundings. A brand should stand out so I also watch out for other existing designs. The choice of style, colors, and treatment is important in making a logo.

After making drafts, I do varying studies of the logo. When I design, I look at the bigger picture: the message, tone, and experience of the brand. And the smaller picture: the usage, technicalities, and treatment. There’s always a room for more practice. Do you have any challenges for me? Send a message. I’ll add more logo along the way.

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