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Philippine Independence Day

The event photography coverage of the 120th Philippine Independence Day celebration held last June 12, 2018 at the historical Rizal Park in Manila, Philippines.


Alyssa Maac


Event Photography


Canon 70D
Adobe Lightroom

This event is held every June 12 of every year. Filipinos all across the country gather and attend events to celebrate it. For this year’s celebration, the day started with a flag raising ceremony represented by the Vice President.

It was followed by a series of parades featuring different places in the Philippines, community fairs with seminars, and performances from local groups. It is also a great time for movements or groups of people to urge protests for a greater sense of nationalism.

The day ended with a compelling appearance of the cast of the movie ‘Goyo’, a movie about Gregorio Del Pilar, a historical figure. He is a very young general who fought and died for the country. They surprised the people with a parade and a showcase.

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