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Here are some logo designs I made from the beginning of time, er… my time. What defines my logos? always concept-driven, dynamic, scalable, and mostly monochromatic or triadic in colors.


Alyssa Maac


Logo Design
Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator

When I design logos, a good 50% – 70% are always spent on research and inspiration. My design process consists of first knowing the end goal. Then explore some inspiration from existing things such as the environment and distinguishing from the other brands as well. I structure the concept based on the research and message. Next, I discover how to communicate the idea through the choice of style, colors, and treatment. Then, I execute various studies. I look at the bigger picture, the message, tone, and experience of the brand. And the smaller picture, the usage, technicalities, and more.

I always love to try out different things. I need “MOAR!” practice. Do you have any challenges for me? You can message it too. Here are some of my logos in grayscale to give equal attention and detail. I’ll add more logo designs along the way.

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